Our movement is empowered by the desire to see our city, and the world, come to know Jesus. We are looking for people who will join us in the mission of raising up leaders to help us change the world through spreading the name of Jesus to the ends of the Earth. 

Vertical Church Youth Director

We are seeking a passionate, creative person to join our team and help create experiences that exceeds expectations; bringing teams together to achieve more than one person can achieve alone.

The primary responsibilities of the Youth Director are producing high quality experiences for our youth that lead them to connect with Jesus in life changing ways, and teaching the Bible in a clear and engaging manner. This is a full-time position with a salary.

Vertical Church of the Mountains is a vibrant, growing church in Blairsville Georgia. We believe Jesus is the message and leaders are the mission. To apply, you must be committed to making Vertical Church of the Mountains your church home, the place where you worship and serve.

You have:
● Passion for Youth Ministry.
● Proven to be reliable, on time, and teachable.
● Demonstrated leadership with experience training, managing and mentoring volunteers is a plus.
● Ability to teach the bible in a relevant and engaging manner.
● Desire to consistently grow in the areas of youth ministry and look to maximize the ministry you serve in.
● In depth knowledge of the Bible and passion to continually study the Bible.
● Agree with the core values and beliefs of Vertical Church.
● A desire to grow a vibrant youth ministry that is engaging to the youth already in our church and
to be of support to other youth outside our church.

You will be looking after:
● Managing all youth ministry events, services, and functions.
● Assisting with core projects/events.
● Managing the process of recruiting, scheduling, training, and coaching volunteers to provide support of the youth ministry.
● Other duties, goals, and tasks that the Senior Pastor assigns to further advance the impact of Vertical Church.