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Our movement is empowered by the desire to see our city, and the world, come to know Jesus. We are looking for people who will join us in the mission of raising up leaders to help us change the world through spreading the name of Jesus to the ends of the Earth. Vertical Church received specific numbers from the Lord several years ago, and we believe that we will send out 1000 leaders locally and 23 leaders globally. Listed below are a few of those leaders seeking to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We invite you to please help them get where they have been called to go!

The Spaulding Family

Hi! We're the Spauldings! We are a family of four; John, Hannah, Beau, and Sophia.

We (John and Hannah) met at a small Bible college in Jackson, MI in 2015. We graduated in 2017, got married, and then moved to John’s hometown, Blairsville, for several years. During that time, we had our kids, worked, and spent a lot of time ministering with our home church. We love to see God’s church grow; both in numbers and in maturity. We know that this is something that God loves as well; to have more people reconciled to Him and more of His children growing closer to Him.

As of now, we are aware of the reality that there are still thousands of people groups in the world that have yet to be engaged by the Church and learn what God is offering them through Christ. Knowing that, we have had the intention for several years to be involved in making Christ known among the least reached people of the world in terms of the gospel.

In the region of West Africa, there are roughly 200+ people groups who would be within this category of unengaged by the church. That means there is still work to be done by the church in West Africa. That’s where we plan on going. Our plan is to move to Dakar, Senegal in 2024, with the long-term goal of seeing the unengaged people of West Africa know Christ.

If you would like to know more or be involved… email us below.

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